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Drive Automotive Financing Company, a subsidiary of GB Ghabbour Auto, has been at the forefront of offering services to traders and car owners in the Egyptian market since 2012. We offer immediate purchasing and selling options, as well as installment plans for all types of vehicles, both new and old (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and minivans..). We strive to provide financing and deduction solutions that cater to the needs of our customers

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Drive has excelled in the field of auto financing, leveraging its experience of over a decade and drawing on the expertise of its parent company, GB Ghabbour Auto, to meet and exceed customer expectations. We have earned the trust of our clients by providing them with optimal solutions for their projects by offering consultations, creating unconventional opportunities, and presenting transparent and honest information.

drive finance
Used Cars in Installments

Drive offers flexible financing options for purchasing used cars in installments Customers can choose .

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drive finance
New Cars in Installments

Drive provides flexible and diverse financing options that cater to the different needs of..

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drive finance
Heavy Truck Installment

Drive Heavy Trucks Installment Company specializes in financing customers who wish to purchase.

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drive finance
Commercial Transport Vehicles Installment

Drive offers installment services for commercial transport vehicles.

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drive finance
Minivans Installment

Drive is the ideal choice for customers who want to own a minivan at reasonable prices with easy financing.

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drive finance
Personal Loan with Car Collateral

Drive offers its customers the opportunity to obtain a personal loan.

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! Why Choose Drive

Relying on Drive is the best choice for managing your project or company in the automotive sector. Additionally, Drive makes it easy for individuals to acquire, lease, and invest in their own cars. They have the capability to cover all regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt and offer their customers

Flexible payment plans

Through Drive, dealers, distributors, and individuals can sell any type of vehicle (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, and minivans)

Returns and commissions

Drive provides the best collection and deduction (commission) returns, and over the course of more than 10 years, it has earned the trust of over 400 dealers

Customer Service

Drive is committed to offering consultations that contribute to the development of its customers' projects. We provide 24-hour after-sales service .

Accelerated Procedures

Through Drive, legal procedures, paperwork, and approvals can be completed in record time

Digital Solutions

Drive puts the entire market in the hands of its customers, allowing them to search and choose among the best brands, financing options.

What We Do

At Drive Finance, we empower our customers to take finance into their own hands. At Drive Finance, we empower our customers to take finance into their own hands. At Drive Finance, we


Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Drive's Fawry Code


What are the available payment methods?

• Direct Debit Authorization - ACH

• Collection Checks

• Drive's Bank Accounts

• Drive's Safe at Main Branches Only

• Company Website (

• Fawry

What is the WhatsApp number for customer service or installments?

Customer Service WhatsApp Number: 01007075560

Installment WhatsApp Number: 01013600051

What are the required documents when receiving any document from the branch?

Our company operates under the following guidelines:

For Individuals:

• In case the customer is present in person, the original proof of identity is required (valid national ID card or passport).

If the customer is not present in person, the following options apply:

1. An official power of attorney from the customer with the required procedures.

2. An original authorization from the customer with the required procedures, bearing an authorized bank signature.

For Companies:

• A recent extract from the commercial register (commercial license).

• An official power of attorney from the company with the required procedures

• Alternatively, an original authorization from the company with the required procedures, bearing an authorized bank signature.

• The original proof of identity for the authorized representative or agent (valid national ID card or passport).

Late Payment Penalties

Late Payment Penalties: 1% of the installment value for each day of delay, calculated retroactively from the installment due date in case of delays exceeding 30 days.

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